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February 9, 2012 in Blog de Sociología by Santiago

We will like to announce our gratitude to the Designer of our winning Logo. The Blog de Sociología did a small and open contest in order to get ideas and designs related to sociology. The Winner is Fabio Ciaravolos from Italy. He produced three different logos considering the idea of networking and interconnection. We considered this the best Logo as it describes two very important aspects of our Website. The first idea is that this Blog was first intended as a social network  to let sociologists to work together. The logo represents a net with different interconnections that we think it fully represents our basic intentions. The second idea is that through that network we create communication and research, we promote sociology by producing content available to anyone in the Web. We think the Logo represents very interestingly our ideals. At the same time the Logo is simple, smart, and serious… in fewer word is a nice professional Logo. We are really satisfied and grateful whit the design.

To contact Fabio Ciaravolos please visit:Welcome – fabio Ciaravolos jimdo page!

We will like to say thanks here, to the rest of the participants and designers in the contest. All the designs were considered. The decision was really thought. We really had better material for select form than what we spected. Thanks to every one.


Here are the logos created by Fabio Ciaravolos:Blog de Sociología (3 logos)