The  OpenDemocracy on this week, to remember the 9/11 event,  show different reviews from many authors, most of them have an other vision about the consequences  came from this day, now 10 years.

You can read all the reviews on: OPENDEMOCRACY.NET

9/11, ten years on: reflections

David Hayes7 September 2011


  • A terror-filled day of mass murder in the eastern United States imprinted itself on the world’s consciousness – and became the prelude to a decade of further violence. openDemocracy writers reflect on the impact and legacy of the events of 11 September 2011.

* Paul Rogers, * Patrice de Beer,  * Tarek Osman,    * Kerry Brown, * Arthur Ituassu,  * Arshin Adib-Moghaddam,  * Thomas de Waal,  * Krzysztof Bobinski, * Andrew Stroehlein,  * Keith Kahn-Harris, * Madawi al-Rasheed,  * Thomas Hylland Eriksen, * Martin Shaw,  * Sultan Sooud Al Qassemi,  * Sami Zubaida,    *Adam Szostkiewicz, * Goran Fejic…..